Robert Kiyosaki has been a visible Bitcoin enthusiast throughout the year. He rose to international fame on account of his financial education advocacy book called Rich Dad Poor Dad.

A few days ago, he tweeted that he has been waiting for Bitcoin to test $1,100 levels. He claimed that paper hand investors or losers are opting out, and he is taking the chance to buy the dip at every instance.

He has reportedly kept increasing his Bitcoin investments. Kiyosaki puts Bitcoin in the same category as commodities such as gold, silver, and oil. He has not waited for Bitcoin prices to slump more and continued to increase his investments.

On the other hand, he has also shown a visible disdain towards the altcoins that are present in the crypto market.

Robert Kiyosaki’s Tweet Shows Support for Bitcoin investors

At one end, Robert Kiyosaki has maintained that Bitcoin is the best investment alongside other major commodities of his choice.

On the other hand, he has dissed the altcoin market by claiming that most of the altcoins are securities in disguise and they are going to get in trouble after the investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He has also predicted that the economy will take a massive hit on account of the US government policies in the coming years. As per his predictions, the real estate market will continue to bleed on account of the Fed’s interest hike policies.

At the same time, he projects that the average personal income in the US will deteriorate until 2024.

Australia has officially overtaken El Salvador in terms of most Bitcoin ATMs in the world. The continent now holds a record 216 ATMs for Bitcoin at the start of 2023.

Its competitor El Salvador, where Bitcoin has gained the status of legal tender currently holds 200 Bitcoin ATMs. El Salvador surpassed countries like the USA, Canada, Spain, and other Central American nations following Bitcoin adoption in September 2021.

However, Australia represents only 0.6% of the total Crypto ATM count in the world. It is on its way to overtaking the Asian count for ATMs which currently stands at 312.

For reference, the total number of Crypto ATM installations in the world is estimated to be around 38,602. Around 6,071 Crypto ATMs installations took place as recently as 2022.

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