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This Equithy review summarizes all the features that make an online broker great for traders. Go through the features of this platform and learn about the asset index and adherence to industry policies of this Equithy.com online trading services provider.

Equithy If you keep looking for a perfect trading platform with not a single flaw, your search will never be over. Your best bet is to pick a platform that offers you what you would call closest to perfection. Every broker on the internet has its pros and cons, but you want to pick the one that has more pros than cons. If you think that will take a lot of time to find, you should just read my Equithy review and cut that process short.

I have done my research, compared the benefits and disadvantages of this broker, and looked in great detail at every feature of this platform. As a result, I have put together this Equithy review that I think will offer you great value in deciding when you want to begin trading.

Equithy Review

Transparency Is Prevalent

The biggest problem that I face with a lot of online brokers, especially while reviewing them, is that they are not very transparent. In many cases, people discover different types of service charges, fees, and commissions at times when they are least expecting them. On the other hand, you have this broker keeping everything transparent for you. To make things simpler, Equithy broker does not have many fees and commissions in the first place. For example, you can withdraw funds from your account or deposit them without attracting any commissions.

Furthermore, the broker doesn’t charge you any commissions in addition to the spreads that you have to pay on your traders. You will see that Equithy broker also has clear disclaimers, privacy policy, and terms of service mentioned on the website for you to review.

It Adheres to AML and KYC

One of the first concerns that expert traders have with online brokers is their legitimacy. They want to make sure they are signing up with a broker that adheres to the policies that make online trading safe. You can rest assured while going with Equithy broker that this company adheres to the AML policy. By adhering to this policy, the company makes it almost impossible for people to use the platform for money laundering. In addition to that, its adherence to the KYC policy ensures that every trader is a legitimate person with real and accurate personal details.

As a result of adhering to these policies, the broker makes its platform safe for every trader in the world. It caters to a worldwide audience and you can see that it cares about its traders no matter where they are from.

Aim for Diversification

It’s quite common to hear experts say that traders should diversify their portfolios. They are saying this because they want you to keep trading. They know from experience that investing in just one asset is like calling a bull to hit you. Let’s say you are investing only in silver and the price of silver goes down for a month. As a result of that, you could end up losing everything you have invested and get nothing in return. If you want to avoid that situation, you should aim to trade in many markets, which is what you will do on Equithy trading platform.

Use this platform for crypto trading and getting access to the biggest and the newest digital currencies. Trade on Equithy trading platform to pick major and minor forex pairs, big and small stocks, and precious metals and agricultural assets.

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Keep Up-to-date with Markets

How much you know about markets at any given time decides how accurate your trading predictions will be. If you want to know everything, you have to subscribe to many trading tools. You can breathe a sigh of relief when you go with Equithy trading platform because it offers you all of those tools without asking you to pay them. Get asset analysis and market insights as frequently as you like. Find out what economic events are about to come and affect the markets.

Covert the value of digital currencies or fiat currencies using a calculator. Last but not least, when you have to, you can use stop-loss and take-profit trading techniques while trading on this platform.

Is Equithy Scam or Legit?

It was quite important for me to look at this particular factor while analyzing others. I did and paid attention to every detail so I wouldn’t miss any sign of illegitimacy. However, I only concluded after hours of research that the broker is quite reliable.

Final Thoughts

My Equithy review summarizes all the features that make an online broker great for traders. I have shown you through the features of this platform how it addresses the needs of modern, advanced, new, and experienced traders. I think its huge asset index and adherence to industry policies are among the best reasons to sign up with this online trading services provider.

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