Solana Spaces was an experimental project undertaken by the eponymous blockchain project. This project was geared towards allowing people to purchase software services such as NFTs and products like Solana shoes.

The CEO and founder of the project, Vibhu Norby, has claimed that the project was created as a way to increase user traction.

However, Solana Space Twitter account has recently announced the closure of several physical stores across the USA. The gloomy tweet informed the Solana stakeholders that around 7 Solana stores are scheduled for shut down this year.

To this end, orient-themed stores operating in prime locations like Miami and New York are also up for closure.

Norby has told media that the stores that are present in locations such as New York and Miami have not been able to attract as many customers as anticipated.

These stores debuted in 2022, but according to the founder, they reached an inflexion point when the sales focus shifted to DRiP. For context, it is important to mention that DRiP is the new NFT Airdrop project of the Solana blockchain.

He told media that Solana Space stores were able to cater to around 500-1000 customers per week. On the other hand, the DRiP initiative attracted the attention of the same traction but daily.

He informed media that Solana Space stores present in the Manhattan and Wynwood area of Miami were opened only a few weeks ago, but they have already reached the end of the journey.

Solana Spaces will Close Physical Stores

The experimental nature of Solana Spaces stores has granted a chance for its executives to focus their attention on the digital sector. These stores were offering the consumers services such as providing crypto-related tutorials, rewards and shopping for Solana branded merchandise.

Norby projected that he was expecting an inflow of 100K customers per month in stores at their New York outlet. He reported that only 75k consumers showed an interest during the tenure of months.

This startup was backed by Solana Foundation, Solana dex Orca, and a Solana-hosted wallet service called Phantom. Meanwhile, other Solana projects, such as gaming platforms like Star Atlas and Aurory, have also reported getting a positive response.

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