Ben Armstrong is a famous blockchain Author and YouTuber. He is working on a book regarding Bitcoin and blockchain technology titled Catching up with Crypto that is due to publish in 2023.

He has gained some traction on social media on account of his two important predictions related to the cryptocurrency market development. It is important to note that at present many eyes are stuck on the probable outcome of the US and Ripple Labs case.

Ben Armstrong is more commonly known as BitBoy Crypto on YouTube and among the cryptocurrency community members. He has shared his insights on the matter of the Ripple Labs case that was filed by the SEC in 2020 as a violation of the Securities Act by XRP.

Ben Armstrong has around 1.45 million subscribers on YouTube and he opines that Ripple Labs is going to win the case against SEC.

Some people believe that the outcome of the SEC versus Ripple Labs case may carry greater implications for the future of the cryptocurrency market.

The current Chief of SEC, Gary Gensler has maintained that the regulatory agency is working on bringing more lawsuits in the cryptocurrency sector. The SEC officials wish to declare cryptocurrency as securities.

However, any asset must fulfill the Howey Test to be passed as a security. Under this context, cryptocurrency users are taking an interest in all the latest developments related to the Ripple Labs case. To this end, Ben Armstrong has predicted that Ripple Labs is on its way to winning the fight against SEC.

Gary Gensler will Resign from his Post, Says Ben Armstrong

BitBoy Crypto is not only optimistic about the exhilarating victory of Ripple Labs alone. He has also claimed that SEC has received considerable criticism on account of its unwarranted stance against the cryptocurrency market.

The regulatory agency has lost the favor and trust of US citizens on account of its involvement with crypto debacles like Ripple Labs lawsuit and FTX as per BitBoy.

He also took critical note of the controversial speech issued by former SEC official William Hinman in 2018. Armstrong has acted as the voice of several XRP investors from the USA who wish that Gensler should resign.

To the same effect, he has not hesitated from making the prediction that the current SEC chief is going to submit his resignation in 2023, soon after his first prediction of Ripple Labs winning the case comes to fruition.

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