NFT hype started in 2021 and hibernated for a while. At present, it seems that it has made a minor comeback with Starbucks NFTs on Polygon. Starbucks clients on Odyssey are making a buck by selling their free NFT stickers online. These stickers have registered a sales price as high as $2000 per unit.

It is worth noting that Odyssey is an NFT-backed reward program to incentivize the customers of the global coffee chain.

This rewarding platform is created on the layer-02 solution of the Ethereum network called Polygon. The project is still in the beta phase but some early users have been able to gain access to free NFT stamps.

Starbucks has found the latest trend on the internet with its Odyssey program which was introduced in beta last December. Thus far around 360 NFT stickers have been sold on the Nifty Gateway fetching aggregate revenue of$143K.

However, the seemingly high number does not hold a candle to other massive NFT collectibles such as Bored Ape and CyberPunk, etc.

The seemingly smaller sales amount is attributed to the limited access to the Odyssey portal. This is the first-ever NFT project launched by Starbucks. Therefore, the historical element can be a source of appeal among art collectors.

Meanwhile, some traders are purchasing these NFTs with hopes to flip them after greater price appreciation.

Exclusive Rewards for Starbucks NFT Buyers

The buyers of Starbucks NFT stickers are assertive about getting exclusive advantages and benefits with their purchases. The company has vaguely hinted at possible rewards declarations in the future. Thus far no such rewards have been materialized to date.

The users on the Odyssey platform are allowed to earn points by completing trivia challenges. The users can then redeem their points to purchase these NFT stickers.

Other activities such as buying drinks at a Starbucks and purchasing gift cards during the holidays also earn the users more points for unlocking new NFT stickers.

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