Belarusian hackers identified as the Cyber-Partisan released an NFT of the Belarusian president’s passport on the 30th of August, the president’s birthday. They communicated to the public that it was in an attempt to ruin the president.

In a tweet, they complained about it been delisted on OpenSea due to a violation of privacy and not being doxed. The team communicated via Twitter that there would be new ways to put it back up on the NFT market. They further urged citizens to get an NFT as this would send a message of their anti-government campaign to the autocratic leaders.

They also boasted about how much information they gathered by hacking into the Belarus Passport Service and stealing information of the president and his accomplices.

Reports from the media show that the authenticity of this NFT is not certain, as people detected typos in the names “Aleksandr” and “Republic”. The team however made it clear that it was the format used in the registry. Most people declared this a scam, while others applauded their good work.

Vision Of The Team

The Partisan’s hatred stems from the rule of leaders in Belarus, which they termed “autocratic leaders.” The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has seen his sixth term in the government ruling from 1994 as the first and only president of Belarus, and in his regime recorded 1000 political prisoners. 

This team of hackers set out to liberate the Belarus citizens of these leaders and used hacking to achieve these means.

In the past, they uncovered crimes of politicians and their aides, and posted evidence on Twitter for the world to see. 

They have amassed followers on Twitter who believe in the vision of liberating Belarus and supporting their work, while some only follow to be in touch with their activities.

They raised $110,000 to fund their research through their activities of exposing crimes; and have beckoned to the public to support their vision by donating, as this team would require hiring more trained personnel, resources, and infrastructure. 

These hackers have appeared in the news on several occasions through their uncovering of crimes. 

They do not show any sign of relenting or backing out till they weed out all the autocratic leaders in Belarus and liberate the people of Belarus, as was communicated by their tweet. 

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