The financial regulator in Japan proposes a reform on taxes paid on crypto assets. This move was in line with Prime Minister Kishida’s comment on a growth strategy that he called “New Capitalism” to facilitate the onboarding of web3 businesses into Japan, boost its economy and double the wealth of Japan.

According to the Regulator’s proposal in the annual tax-code-change request on Wednesday, he stated that corporate organizations should not pay taxes on crypto held in their custody without sales, and a reduction of the 50% tax charge on crypto entities be implemented.

However, it is uncertain whether this tax break will also hold for other cryptocurrencies— NFTs— apart from tokens.

Oppositions By Crypto Organizations

Crypto organizations like Japan Crypto Assets Business Association (JVCBA) and Japan Virtual Crypto Assets Exchange (JVCAE) have been very vocal about their opposition to the tax charges of 50% on their crypto assets. These tax charges by the government do not consider profit made or assets kept in the companies’ treasury. They have complained that this policy be reviewed, and their terms considered.

In a quest for this, JVCEA released a “green list,” which contained sites to list popular crypto assets without screening, to speed up crypto listing and proper onboarding of web3 into Japan.

Individual investors also proposed that taxes on their crypto assets be reduced to 20%, not the high taxes, to utilize their investment returns in other areas of need.

The reform on tax breaks on crypto assets would encourage citizens to invest in web3 government and activities, and levy taxes only when profit is gotten and not just for holding.

Crypto Companies Are Leaving Japan

Due to these high tax charges, some entities and organizations have moved their businesses abroad to Singapore and other locations. These taxes have made it particularly difficult for entities to hold crypto assets and make reasonable profits.

Neighboring Countries Reform On Crypto Taxes

South Korea has removed tax cuts from crypto assets and moved the implementation to 2025, encouraging the country’s stability in the crypto space, and the proper onboarding of web3.

This proposal by the Financial Regulator is not determined to hold in any way until a parliamentary tax commission reviews and rules it as significant. However, there is a high possibility of acceptance as this would benefit Japan’s growth and boosts the economy.

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