Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, has recently halted major stablecoin transactions connected to Solana. The stablecoins in question, namely USDC and USDT, are no more allowed acceptable for a transaction or deposit on Binance.

Another exchange BitMEX has also imposed restrictions where these stablecoins would not be eligible for the transaction until further notice. Other major cryptocurrency exchanges, such as OKX, have also delisted the Solana-based versions of USDT and USDC stablecoins.

Binance has Opened Free Cryptocurrency Online Trading Courses 

The cryptocurrency market has remained relatively stable despite all the chaos that ensued after the FTX fallout. After calling for preventive measures like Proof of Reserve and setting up recovery funds for struggling cryptocurrency organizations, Binance has announced free online cryptocurrency trading courses.

Binance has already been operating projects like Binance Academy. However, this time the exchange will offer tutorials on subjects like cryptocurrencies, Web 3.0, and blockchain and offer an NFT certificate for course completion. Binance Academy has offered educational support from academic spheres like MIT, Harvard, and Oxford.

During a recent interview with CNBC, Binance CEO CZ slammed the annoying attitude of SBF. He claimed that he was not aware of the internal FTX problems when he proceeded to sell FTT tokens during a CNBC interview.

Commenting on the remarks of Economist Nouriel Roubini, he claimed that the company does not care about such matters. Roubini counted CZ among the derisive list of 7 C’s of the crypto market.

CZ also claimed that the reason that Binance backed out of the deal was that they noticed some major issues with the acquisition.

At the same time, he claimed that he was not aware that about matters like internal funds backdoor and other questionable practices happening inside FTX. He also claimed that the FTX fallout would impact the crypto sector for a while, but it will cleanse the space and make it healthier than before.

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