A Japanese online retail giant and electronic commerce, Rakuten group, has announced the launch of an NFT marketplace known as Rakuten NFT. While promoting the launch of the NFT marketplace, the online retail giant based in Tokyo noted that a peer-to-peer service for minting and trading NFTs will be released in 2023. The statement also confirmed that new features that will enhance users’ satisfaction will be added in the future.

According to the official statement by the Rakuten group, Rakuten NFT is a platform that creates a marketplace that enables users to purchase NFTs and offers peer-to-peer trading of NFT collectibles in areas like music, animation, sports, and entertainment. Rakuten’s NFT marketplace also features an exclusive platform that allows IP holders to create their websites for trading NFTs.

In the Rakuten NFT marketplace, users can use their Rakuten ID when making purchases enabling them to earn Rakuten Points and spend the earned points. Purchased NFTs can be added to a user’s collection on his website, which he can decide to sell in the NFT marketplace.

Rakuten’s Journey into Cryptocurrency

In the past few years, the Rakuten group has immersed itself into exploring the vast possibilities in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies. In 2019, the Japanese online retail giant released a crypto exchange, and in 2021, the company allowed its customers to load cryptocurrencies in their Rakuten pay accounts. And recently, Rakuten has declared interest in the NFT games as they announced the launch of a new NFT gaming platform known as the Rakuten NFT.

Rakuten Group is among the growing number of businesses that have released their NFT marketplaces in the last year. Crypto companies such as FTX, Crypto.com, etc., launched their marketplace networks only for NFT collectibles. However, Rakuten NFT is bound to face stiff competition and rivalry from leading NFT marketplace networks like Rarible, Opensea, and Looksrare.

The Japanese Rakuten group has assured its customers that peer-to-peer trading of NFTs will be launched in the coming year to match the seeming competition. This feature will enable Japanese and global IP holders to issue NFTs and possibly instigate more developments of a worldwide NFTs marketplace. The company further announced that plans are underway to integrate various features and payment methods in the future.

Rakuten NFT to Produce and Sell J League NFT Collectible

J.League’s players’ anthem, which is J.League’s official NFT collection, will be produced by Rakuten NFT and sold in its NFT marketplace. Additionally, NFT collectibles from TV Asahi shows, NFTs containing the Tiger and Bunny 2 characters, and Daiki sounds under beasty will all be featured in the Rakuten NFT marketplace.

Unique NFTs like the Kurogane Hiroshi G1 Gekitoshi and Ultraman anime contains the artistic illustration by the revered manga artist Hiroshi Kurogane, featured by the Rakuten NFT at the time the NFT marketplace was launched. That notwithstanding, as Rakuten ventures into NFT gaming, it will enable its customers to have a thrill of the NFT marketplace.

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