Australia is set to list its first Bitcoin exchange traded fund (ETF) next week, alluding to the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the country. Industry players reportedly have till April 27 to prepare towards the launch.

After a quorum of industry players signed an agreement on strict regulations, ASX Clear, the organization in charge of Australia’s equities capital market reportedly opens the curtain for its first Bitcoin ETF. 

ASX Clear, which clears stock products, warrants, warrants, and equity derivatives in the country, reportedly has four different crypto-related entities willing to enter the stock exchange. By opting to join the stock exchange, these entities agree to invest money and abide by the strict regulations which the country requires for insurance against Bitcoin-associated liabilities.

Reports say there are three high-profile institutions and a retail player who have registered readiness to pay the required margin by ASX Clear for intending Bitcoin ETF traders. Having the minimum required number of clearing partners, ASX Clear clears the way for the country’s first cryptocurrency exchange-traded funds.

Bitcoin ETF to Go Public from Next Week

According to a senior official at ASX Clear, Hamish Treleaven, the clearing house will inform the concerned industry players tomorrow that it has obtained the necessary framework to kick off. ASX Clear says it will give participants in the cryptocurrency industry, including brokers and clearers, one week to plan for the new product’s launch next week’s Wednesday.

By implication, the only Bitcoin exchange-traded fund offering before ASX Clear would start trading on the Chicago Board Options Exchange when the floor opens next week. We expect other ETF offerings from competitors to follow after the first product launches on April 27.

Inspiration for Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, Reverses Anti-Crypto Stance, Sells Crypto Training Course for 1 BTC

Jordan Belfort, who’s the real-life inspiration for “The Wolf of Wall Street,” has turned from his previous anti-crypto sentiments to selling his first crypto course for 1 BTC per student. The training will reportedly hold at his home in Miami Beach.

Details of the Premier Crypto Class

He shed light on the training via his twitter handle, by sharing that nine attendees attended his premier crypto class during the weekend. Moreover, the former stock brokerage owner mentions that he has “massive” investments in cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens while advertising the course.

In the video ad for the course, he describes the workshop as a place where attendees could study about DeFi, crypto, and the metaverse. Belfort says he selected the first set of 9 attendees from a set of about 600 persons who applied for the course. Additionally, Belfort revealed that the owner of a roofing company and a Kazakhstani cryptocurrency miner attended the class.

Belfort, a 1999-convict for defrauding over 1,500 investors of $200 million, had been an outspoken critic of cryptocurrency. However, today, he had turned around from his criticisms and reportedly made massive investments into virtual assets. Reports say that he bought an NFT for over $400,000 last October.

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