Billionaire investor Elon Musk who acquired a 9.5% share of Twitter recently, has also joined the microblogging platform’s board of directors in the past week. The prominent tech investor has put out statements concerning the need to improve the Twitter experience and the prevention of scam accounts and bots that have gained strong influence on the platform.

The Payment Plan

As a means of finding acceptance, Elon Musk took to his Twitter page on Sunday to talk about the idea of a monthly subscription plan for verification badges on Twitter Blue for individuals and other entities who want to be authenticated. He, however, clarified that this is going to be a different thing from the platform’s verification given to recognized accounts of public figures and organizations.

In his tweet, he stated that everybody who registers for Twitter Blue and pays (hypothetically) $3 a month should have a checkmark for authentication. He emphasized that it would be very different from the checkmarks of public figures and official accounts.

Besides everything else, Twitter Blue is expected to come with a number of different features that might include an option to undo tweets, folder bookmarking, a mode for reading, and many other deliverables. It is the belief of Elon Musk that the 3 dollar subscription model would greatly increase the pool of verified accounts and, at the same time, make it more expensive to maintain an army of bot accounts.

Furthermore, Musk made a proposition for the subscriptions to be paid in Dogecoin rather than fiat money. He said that there is a need for Twitter t cut down on how it depends heavily on corporations to subscribe for advertisements. This, he said, would aid the process of the company in breaking free and be able to make more decisions that are user-centered.

The Love of Elon Musk for Dogecoin

Elon Musk has been the leading voice championing the course of Dogecoin and influencing its wide acceptance and growth. On the 8th of April, Musk further influenced the pump of meme coin’s price when he showed the token’s mascot dog during the Cyber Rodeo launch event to unveil the Gigafactory of Tesla.

He revealed that Tesla is developing a future charging point where it will be allowed for users to pay for services in DOGE. The position of Dogecoin as one of the top ten digital tokens in the world is largely due to Musk’s support.

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