Broker CRYPTO1CAPITAL has launched a leveraged online trading platform for traders from around the world. Interested traders from all over the globe can now trade on this platform and access multiple financial markets using a web-based trading platform.

“While creating this platform, I was always concerned more with the safety of traders than anything else.” Frederik Lorenzen, CEO Crypto1Capital


The new trading platform will come integrated with features that are suited to modern traders and their trading needs. Interestingly, the platform has reached its completion at a time when online trading is reaching its peak and millions of traders are joining the online world of trading every day.

“We want our traders to know that we are just like them. We have launched this platform after going through the struggles of online trading ourselves. It is hoped that traders feel served and respected when they use our trading platform,” said the officials at Broker CRYPTO1CAPITAL.

Using this trading tool, traders will be able to access nearly 6 different financial markets that have hundreds of assets in them for trading. The trader will have access to forex currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrencies.

Leveraged trading is an important part of this online trading software, which means traders will be able to amplify their profits. Leveraged trading means a trader can accept contributions from the broker to enter high-value trades. The team that has developed this trading platform has promised to offer leverages on all the assets from six financial markets.

The company CEO, Frederik Lorenzen, said, “I feel exalted for finally being able to put our efforts on the map and provide traders from all around the world with a platform they can trust for all types of trades. I don’t want to claim that we have the best platform, but we have definitely set foot on the right track and are in an ideal position to help our traders reach the maximum trading potential.”

One of the crucial aspects of the Broker CRYPTO1CAPITAL’s trading platform is its web-based nature, which allows traders to use the platform without any downloads and installations needed. The trading platform runs on the web, just like a website. Any trader who has an active trading account can log in to this platform from anywhere in the world. Moreover, there is no limitation to the type of device that traders can use to access the platform.

Lorenzen said in an interview, “While creating this platform, I was always concerned more with the safety of traders than anything else. As a trader, I have been in situations where I was confident about the market conditions, but forfeited the idea of trading because I wasn’t sure about the safety features of the website.”

The main security feature on the platform is encryption. Using 256-bit encryption methods, the company is able to prevent any online attacks from piercing through the security shield and peep into the information of the traders. The encryption of data, per the developers of the platform, takes place as soon as a trader inserts their information on the website.

Other security features that have received emphasis on the platform include account monitoring and 2FA authentication. With the account monitoring feature, the company temporarily blocks the account and instantly notifies the trader as soon as a suspicious activity is noticed in the account. On the other hand, the 2FA authentication process adds another layer of security to the sign-in process i.e. requiring an additional code to be entered after the insertion of the main password.

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