Cardano blockchain has been considered one of the top blockchain projects in the cryptocurrency market. Its native currency has maintained its position among the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market cap for a long duration. The devs on Cardano have shared a detailed plan of action and have countless new DeFi projects.

The network has also been cited as being the most committed blockchain network on GitHub. However, last month Cardano blockchain suffered from a minor technical infraction that resulted in half of the network going offline.

The issue was immediately addressed by the developers at the Cardano network. As per the update shared by IOG, the issue has been patched and resolved.

Temporary Outage of the Cardano Network

IOG official on Telegram has shared the details about the incident with the investors. They briefed the community members that the issue was caused by a transient anomaly.

As a result of the bug, the nodes reacted by disconnecting the users while others restarted after an exception. The update noted that such issues may affect the node performance temporarily.

Furthermore, the countermeasures for this scenario were discussed during the node and consensus model preparation. The devs assured the investors that the blockchain outage was expected to counter such an issue.

They further explained that only a fraction of blockchain went out of commission for a passing duration on account of falling out of sync.

Rick McCracken is the lead operator at Cardano stake pool Digital Fortress. He pointed out the anomaly was unable to hit the entire network. He noted that there was a brief stagnation.

He further explained that the majority of the nodes have made a full recovery to the effect that there is no need for a complete system reset.

Another pool operator at Cardano named Tom Stokes commented on the response of the Cardano blockchain claiming it as a sign of the importance and reliability of DeFi. The technical details of the incident are available on GitHub.

Thus far, Cardano has not reported any such incidents. The native token of Cardano is currently fairing at $0.38 with the community remaining generally positive about its latest developments.

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