Bitcoin (BTC) miners decided to upgrade the technical engines of the Mechancvi Energy Hdroelectric plant (MHP). The decision was taken in March 2021 to assist the firm. MHP is one of the oldest renewable energy generators in America and the world.

BTC mining activities in the company fixed most of the hydroelectric plant’s financial challenges. The company started making massive profits and was able to maintain its. The company’s image was maintained as the oldest energy plant in the world.

History of Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant

Mechanicville Hydroelectric energy plant was built on November 13, 1897, in the United States of America. The plant was built and commissioned by the Hudson River power transmission firm (HRPTC). The company’s building was selected as one of the historical places in the United States. 

The above status was conferred on the company by the United States National Register of Historic places. The plant was a concept by the late 19th-century worldwide supervision project. The company’s capacity at the initial stage was 4 MW machines which made MHP famous.

The company housed a non-flow dam, a 700-feet solid overflow Dam, and an earth embankment. It covers 18.3 acres of land with a geographical coordinate of 420 52 41N, 730 40’ 47” W.

MHP experienced significant financial challenges because the company could not maintain its equipment. The United States government turned the plant into an active museum in 2003.

How BTC Miners Rescued Mechanicville Hydroelectric Plant

BTC mining has been antagonized severally since its inception in the world. One of the reasons for the criticisms was environmental hazards. People that the activity is capable of causing environmental pollution and consumes much energy.

When MHP was crumbling, the company’s operating CEO, Jim Besha, shifted its attention to BTC mining. The company started BTC mining using the old machines that were available. Today, the company does not regret taking such action because it revived the company.

Besha said, “MHP started mining BTC with a portion of the hydro-power engine in 2021. Using 19th-century machinery plants was more profitable for the company. The company generated revenue that is times three of the profit it was making before”. 

MHP Bitcoin mining became more profitable when the Chinese government restricted BTC mining. Many BTC miners relocated to the United States and were using MHP mining machines to operate. The company was able to utilize the opportunity to mine more BTC through the help of the 4 MW.

The company has generated over 3x of its previous profits as a result of the activities of BTC miners. The company was revived and is now financially buoyant.

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