As Australia braces for a recessional impact spawned by long-battled inflation, the government plans to resort to retirement funds in times of financial need. However, the administrator charged with managing pension funds cautioned the authorities against such a decision. 

Australia To Revert Back To Retirement Funds During Financial Crises

Australia is the third-biggest pension reserve in the world. Its retirement funds have risen substantially over the past couple of decades. Estimates put it at $3.3 trillion from $148 billion thirty years ago.

Australian Super CEO Paul Schroeder said he is worried that governments globally will say things like taxing a pensioner when the economy is in a downturn. Or awarding them a levy to build something in the country. Paul asserted that such insertions are political, have a terrible financial perspective, and are bad for society.

Schroeder’s firm manages $260 billion of the country’s superannuation funds. At the AFR Super & Wealth Summit in Sydney, Paul offered counter opinions about wedging the economy with retirement money. 

According to the center-left government of Australia, it is looking to scale down the tax reception of the rich folks. Hence, keeping billions of dollars a year from creating a budget deficit.

Australia To Invest In Housing Properties

Meanwhile, it proposed venturing into real estate investment in collaboration with Super Fund. Doing so will help counter the deficiencies in the system. First, however, Schroeder accepted the idea of investing in household projects. 

But, he noted that the risk and reward dynamics often misalign from an investment angle. Schroeder further explained that they work diligently on making housing affordable. But, in addition, it does not stack up. 

In most cases, the risks are beyond bearable, and the returns are not rewarding. Nevertheless, the government has yet to explain how it seeks to fuse retirement funds with cheap housing projects. 

Lately, economies across the globe are falling back on pensioner funds to finance their economy. However, a similarity they share is that they are either in combat against inflation or are tipping into a recession. 

In November, the UK allegedly sought to unveil a secret tax raid on pensions. Pensioners will be taxed on their pension funds depending on how much they own. However, Britain’s economic condition has ultimately caused it to seek financial refuge in superannuation.

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