Apple has made the official announcement in regard to its annual event. The tech giant has announced that it is going to hold its press event, which is to take place on September 7.

The iPhone enthusiasts are expecting they will be able to take a first glance at the new iPhone 14 model at the event.

Event to take Place Virtually

Apple officials have confirmed that the event will be virtual and it may be pre-recorded just like the previous events. Apple has resorted to posting pre-recorded launch events ever since the pandemic hit the world in 2020.

Apple is also welcoming selected companies and individuals to visit their Cupertino, California campus, where they will get to attend the launch event for 2022.

Apple to Carry on With its Trend

For almost one and a half decades, Apple has made it a tradition to announce the latest models of its highly demanded products. Apple officials do it on an annual basis where they unveil their latest products officially in front of the viewers.

As always, Apple has a surprise for iPhone enthusiasts as it is planning to launch multiple versions of the iPhone flagship.

In addition to iPhone, Apple is set to introduce its latest models for AirPods, Apple Watch, and other products as well.

iPad and Mac Enthusiasts have to Wait another Month

For the iPad and Mac enthusiasts, they will need to wait until October when Apple is preparing to introduce its newest models.

This means that in the September event, the latest iPhone, AirPods, and the Apple Watch would become the center of attention for the viewers.

Possible iPhone Models

It is quite common for rumors and information to leak out from company insiders about their latest products, their specs, and other attributes.

Apple also faces the same situation because even before the event has taken place, people know iPhone 14 will have multiple models.

This time, there are claims that iPhone is aiming to launch 4 new models for iPhone 14. As always, the newer version of the iPhone flagship is expected to have improved and better cameras.

The Pro version of the new iPhone is expected to have very exciting features and looks, as they will be the most expensive units among the rest.

Importance of the Event

As always, the event will hold very high importance for Apple as the analysts will be watching the event as well. They will assess the enthusiasm of the company and the response of the viewers and their reaction to the newer products.

For Apple, the upcoming event may create a lot of anticipation and if things go well, Apple’s share prices may rise significantly.

For now, the share prices for Apple are down almost 4% in the latest stock trading session.

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