The share prices for Apple have moved in the upward direction and it is due to anticipation of the upcoming iPhone 14. Just like the previous models, iPhone 14 is a huge attraction for Apple and iPhone enthusiasts. 

People from all over the world are waiting for the new iPhone. It is because of this anticipation that investors are investing heavily in Apple’s stocks.  

Apple to Unveil iPhone in September 

As the anticipation for the new iPhone 14 is rising, Apple executives have announced the unveiling of the new model. 

As always, Apple will be holding an event where the electronics and tech giant will be unveiling the new iPhone 14. However, the event will host not just the unveiling of the new iPhone but also the unveiling of many interesting gadgets.  

Just for reference, Apple plans on holding the event in the month of September. 

Apple’s Expectations 

Apple expects that it will be attracting an even higher number of consumers to the new iPhone 14 model.  

Compared to the rest of the devices Apple unveils, iPhone is the most anticipated one and its demand keeps rising almost every year. 

Despite the slow sales in recent quarters, Apple is confident that it will record a great surge in demand. Especially, it expects to see the demand for iPhone 14s reach the skies. 

Just recently, one of the major assemblers of Apple shared its full-year guidance. In the post, the assembler for Apple “Foxconn” revealed that it was looking at a dip in its manufacturing from Apple’s end. 

However, Apple has claimed that it is hoping to sell a tremendous amount of iPhone 14s when it is on the market. For this purpose, Apple has requested its assemblers to proceed with mass production. 

The tech giant has strong predictions for its latest iPhone model and it wants the assemblers to ramp up their production.  

The sources have revealed that Apple has asked its assemblers to manufacture 90 million units for the new iPhone 14. This figure is close to exactly the same number of units Apple had manufactured for iPhone 13 models. 

Apple Expects to Manufacture 220 Million iPhones 

Apple has announced that in the year 2022, they are planning to manufacture 220 million units of iPhone models. This production count is almost similar to the production count recorded in the year 2021.  

In the stock trading session, the share prices for Apple experienced a 2.1% surge. This shows that Apple has added 172.10 points to its overall score.  

At the time of writing, the share prices for Apple are at $173.44 per share.  


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