An indigenous group in Australia has revealed the plans to launch a cultural institution in the metaverse. The detailed execution program was contained in a paper that they made public.

Australians are now immersed in developing and occupying the metaverse. Their new interest has been demonstrated countless times, with the recent being their dream of developing a cultural embassy in the metaverse. According to Prof. Vanessa, dreaming is an integral culture of indigenous Australians.

Prof. Vanessa and a few notable indigenous Australians involved in the metaverse project announced their intentions through a detailed paper which they made public. This group of innovators is soliciting aid to enable them to launch their projects and achieve their goals.

Cultural Embassies and the Metaverse

The release of the cultural embassies in the metaverse has drawn attention amongst the crypto community. Barbados first launched its embassy project in the metaverse in November 2021. The SYG group from Australia also announced the release of its cryptocurrency early last month. But Vanessa maintained that his project would be regarded as an MVP.

As explained by Prof. Vanessa, indigenous cultures are developed on dreaming. Dreaming is a motion and incongruent incursion of the past, present, and future incorporated in the order of the earth.

Explaining the nature of the metaverse, Vanessa said that the metaverse fuses the future into the present. She noted that creation ascribes identity and connects people; thus, from formation, man experiences how to spiritually and physically connect with his environment, which is an embodiment of the past, present, and future.

Furthermore, Vanessa noted that while the metaverse is a future reality, it is a structureless virtual existence that affects our physical habitation. Thus, for existentialism, people must be connected spiritually and possess the feeling of occupancy to co-exist and be recognized.

The Project

The project is still at the cradle stage, and there are hopes that it will be a gateway to multiple dialogues in the metaverse when completed. The developers have confirmed that they accepted provisions to donate lands on which their virtual cultural embassies will be built on platforms in the metaverse such as Sandbox and Decentraland.

Prof. Vanessa also said that her team is scouting for DAOs that can enable them to manage the project and conduct the proposed cultural embassy in the metaverse. She added that developers risk developing networks and systems that do not reflect the immediate environment in the metaverse. That is why her project exists to instill the presence of our world in the future.

The whole idea of blockchain technology is predicated on trust and transparency. However, if cultures, indigeneity, and lands are neglected, then the essence of recreating our future is lost; we will be making the past mistake that we seek to correct in the present.

Lands are sacred properties in the culture of indigenous Australians. Thus, if we can extend respect to the land ownership rights of others just like we respect ours, then the metaverse will look like what we imagined.

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