ZKSpace, a level-2 type ETH-based protocol, announces the launch of its application for Android and iOS users. The company’s announcement says that the mobile application would permit simultaneous mining activities for account holders.

Apart from letting users of non-fungible tokens and other virtual assets mine multiple coins simultaneously, ZKSpace allows users to have a secure and private trading experience. Moreover, the application automates settlements and layer-2 swapping for account holders toward an improved user experience.

 The protocol’s launch on mobile devices coincides with a season when ETH owners reportedly seek more privacy in the mining world. Also, ZKSpace meets users’ needs for a fast trading solution. Meanwhile, quicker solutions mean reduced costs of transactions. 

With the new release, account holders can now carry out activities that were only possible via the software’s web platform. Per the mobile application’s features, ZKSpace says it plans to include multiple language options and faster cash-out processes soon. Account-holders can also mint non-fugitible tokens and win gifts via different channels within the mobile application.

More Details on the App

ZKSpace works as a level-2 type ETH-based protocol that functions as a trusted protocol for three different products. Users can trade on ZKSwap, a blockchain-powered exchange with improved cost efficiency. 

With ZKSea, non-fugitible token owners mint and trade their choice ETH-based tokens from the software. ZKSquare’s the third main product on ZKSpace – the provision offers users high-end solutions for sending and receiving payments.

Users have reportedly made millions of deals on ZKSquare of more than 250,000 USD worth of cryptocurrencies. Meanwhile, the new developments come behind the increasing demand for non-fugitble tokens and Defi trading globally. Consequently, individuals and traders globally can now access erstwhile inaccessible financing possibilities.

Operating the ZKSpace Mobile Application

ZKSpace’s creators exploit the increased demand for a more convenient, mobile-friendly marketplace. With the recently launched mobile app, crypto holders can now trade their favorite tokens in the ever-enlarging world of decentralized exchanges by just swiping across their mobile devices.

The app’s developers also agree that their new product is a significant move toward meeting consumer demands for more straightforward trading possibilities. The reports say users only need to install the free software and log in to their account details to access their electronic wallets at the top right side of their app.

Additionally, the software makes it easier to switch between layer-1 and layer-2 while they execute other trading activities. Other basic operations available for users of the ZKSpace app include checking asset balances and exchanging ERC-20 cryptos with other users.

Loads of Rewards for Mining Activity on ZKSpace

Thousands of account holders have reportedly carried out mining campaigns on ZKSpace in different phases. Account-holders reportedly began four mining campaigns simultaneously on Wednesday, on the wheels of past successful mining operations.

Reward offerings on the campaigns ranged from NFTs to ERC-20 PoL. Account-holders must provide liquidity and have an activated address on the relevant app page to qualify for the former. The campaign rules add that miners interested in winning non-fugitible tokens as a reward must mine non-fungible tokens via ZKSea.

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