Leading meme coin sensation, Shiba Inu has now been added by the crypto trading platform, Uphold. 

The crypto firm that manages multi-asset medium to high-risk investment and trading options has announced the listing of SHIB for trading on its platform. However, the addition of SHIB to Uphold’s assets catalog will only feature partial utility across the exchange as SHIB will only be available for trade In certain regions.

SHIB’s crazy price growth that put it in the limelight of the crypto industry, boosted the memecoin’s relevance in the industry and attracted a host of retail investors in the industry that boosted its credibility and viability in the market space. 

Since its overwhelming bull run in April last year, the canine coin has fielded sustained growth and adoption globally, however, the #SHIBarmy and SHIB community as a whole are anticipating the token’s addition to Robinhood’s crypto trading catalog.

Uphold Announces SHIB Listing On Twitter 

The regulated and multi-purpose crypto exchange platform has announced the listing of Shiba Inu on its platform. The announcement came via a tweet on its Twitter page. The tweet revealed that SHIB trading options were not available in all Uphold active regions for now. The listing of SHIB on Uphold will expose the memecoin to Uphold’s over 1.7 million customer base.

Currently, Uphold’s catalog caters to over 50 diverse cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and XRP. It features multi-asset trading that offers trading services for equities, fiat currencies, and economy-tracking commodities like gold and silver. The exchange is famous for the low transaction fees it features for all its assets. The firm has revealed that the high demand and increasing relevance that the crypto’s traction has afforded globally promoted their listing of the canine coin.

Uphold’s online web page featured a quote that described its decision to list SHIB. The features quote stated that the categorization of the Shiba Inu as a meme coin undermines the relevance it has featured through its payment utility. Ironically though, the memecoin hype helped boost the token’s credibility and contributed greatly to the crypto’s incredible rise in the industry.

Uphold isn’t the first to realize the worth of SHIB’s increasing relevance in the industry, only the latest. Other crypto giants like Gemini, Bitstamp, and Kraken have previously added SHIB for trading on their platforms.

Robinhood And Shiba Inu

Robinhood is a regulated international crypto exchange platform that is home to over 30 cry or currencies.

Despite the growing relevance of Shin Inu in the industry, Robinhood remains primarily undecided regarding the listing of SHIB on its platform. Shiba Inu community however has been clamoring for the token’s addition to Robinhood, as evidenced by their online petition that recorded over 555,000 unique signatures all urging the addition of SHIB by Robinhood.

Robinhood has however maintained its stand on the listing of SHIB as Jason Warnick, the firm’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) revealed that the firm requires enough clarity from relevant regulators before it can add any new token, Shina Inu included.

However, since SHIB’s live listing on Uphold, a similarly regulated exchange platform, pro-SHIB experts have estimated a quarter one (Q1) trading debut on Robinhood.

Robin Hood has maintained media silence concerning these predictions, however, speculations are flying that the exchange may have shifted its stance regarding the listing of SHIB since their last release concerning the memecoin’s addition.

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