• Ripple price gains 1% after new updates reveal Ukraine ready to dialog on conceding Donbas to ensure peace in the nation.
  • XRP price had recorded a 2% intraday surge but met rejection around a historical area.
  • Expect further surges as XRP puts the coveted $1 in sight again.

Ripple price witnessed bullish continuation triggered by another tailwinds round that supports positive spin from the equity industry. With cryptos riding bullish waves, the much-anticipated upsurge for 2022 appears to have arrived following some geopolitical constraints. XRP enthusiasts can expect more surges, with $1 on the radar in the short term.

XRP Awaits 15% Surge

XRP recorded bullish reactions from Sunday’s sessions towards Monday morning. The cross-border transaction token exhibited massive bullishness as investors flocked the market, ready to purchase at any available price. The vast demand had ASIA PAC recorded remarkable numbers, exploring $0.8784, against the pivotal level of $0.8791.

However, the remittance token encountered a rejection that now pushes it lower on the day. Nevertheless, that should not discourage bulls as the European trading sessions might reveal sideways actions. Meanwhile, the United States session will potentially prove a catalyst to push Ripple beyond $0.8791. This area will see significant volumes weighing on bears attempting to protect $0.8791. Bulls will eventually squeeze out these bears. $0.90 will be today’s halting level as 200-day SMA will weigh and print a cap before the price hits $1 later in the week.

As remarks triggering this uptrend came from one side, it remains a wait-and-watch for Russia’s reactions to the suggested concessions. The risk is that Russia might stay silent again, failing to concede to any recommendation, wanting to keep each capital and region it reclaimed under its control.

That would translate to a drawback to the peaceful negotiation that might see the XRP price dropping towards $0.8390 initially before extending the slump to $0.7843. That would translate to an 8% drop in the remittance coin.

Ripple sees an uptrend amid improved market sentiment, which emerged after a spokesperson revealed Ukraine’s recommendation to surrender Donbas to ensure peace in Ukraine. The alt cleared the path to $1 again.

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