Biden revealed that Republicans would try to force him to disrupt his economic agendas. Many have been on him regarding his management of the country’s inflation. He advised voters to vote for the Democrats in the upcoming election.

President Joel Biden’s Speech

President Biden addressed the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Monday, October 24, 2022. He criticized Republicans for fueling rumors that would wreck the economy. This claim was an effort to force him to cut Medicare by the Republicans.

Biden also used the medium to develop the word “Mega-MAGA trickle down”. He used the word to describe Republicans’ economic principles. Their principles will retard economic growth if implemented as they proposed.

The President continued by unveiling House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s economic principles. He said if they were implemented, it would have caused a $3 trillion increase in the deficit. Also, he revealed that the party intended to use the deficit as a weapon against him. 

Republicans have made it clear that if they take over Congress, they will challenge the government. America will not pay her bills or service her debts if she implements such a policy, the president said. It will be the first time in American history that we will default if the Republicans prevail. 

Biden said nothing would hurt the American economy more and increase inflation and instability than the Republicans policies.

The Republicans Response to Biden’s Address

The Republican National Committee (RNC) responded angrily to Biden’s address by unveiling his weakness in administration. They said, “The only Democrats willing to accept Joe Biden are DNC employees.” RNC spokesman Emma Vaugh, who spoke with Fox News, said Biden needed to go.

Emma Vaugh said that the Democrats are frantically trying to cover up their voting history for Biden. Voters know that the Democrats regime has caused several disruptions in the country’s development agenda. This resulted in an increase in the price of goods and more criminal activities. He said that the country is currently moving in the wrong direction. 

Republicans have criticized Biden’s spending plans since the inception of his term. They said that Biden increased the American IRS, which made the number skyrocketed to 87,000. However, a loan of $80 billion is currently being used to pay the workers.

New York Poll Shows Americans Are Concerned About The Economy

The New York poll conducted last week showed that 26% of voters are concerned about the economy. Inflation and cost of living came in second with 18%, while e crimes were recorded at 3%. Fox News reported that this poll had painted an increasingly blank image for the Democrats.

Voters trust Republicans more than Democrats to handle economic issues and inflation, Fox News reported. Another poll was conducted by the Associated Press poll last week. It revealed that 49% of voters would likely vote for the Republicans in the forthcoming election.

President Biden’s polling numbers have drastically reduced to 39% on Monday, according to a Fox News poll.

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