DapperLabs’ NBA Top Shot (NTS) NFTs have Stealthily gained over 72% in price value in the last 30 days as the NFT industry continues to boom despite the crypto market’s recent dump.

Number one NFT marketplace Opensea has recorded over $3.5 billion transaction volume in January 2022, a testament to the current boom that is featured in the industry. 

NBA Top Shot NFTs Background Information

Dapper’s Labs NTS NFTs was launched in October 2020. NTS was primarily targeted at buyers with the dollar purchasing power, meaning that realtors and collectors need not concern themselves or have inept knowledge about the cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and the industry’s framework to own the collectibles.

Stats sourced from analytics site, CryptoSlam, revealed that approximately $53.8 million was generated by NTS NFTs over the last 30 days. This equates to a 72% price value increase in just 30 days.

Being a digital art set that features highlights from top-flight basketball league, NBA gameplays, it is only natural for the project to feature stars from the featured NBA. High profile basketballer and arguably one the best the top flight league has fielded, Kevin Durant has been signed as an ambassador for the NBA NFTs. The project will air a new TV and social media campaign show that will feature Durant, where a Durant-themed NFT moment will be hosted with NTS NFTs first-time buyers as the audience.

A similarly Elite basketballer, famous and almighty Stephen Curry has also partnered with crypto exchange FTX as a global brand ambassador, meanwhile during now doubles as an ambassador for Coinbase crypto exchange and NTS NFTs.

Dapper Labs is now looking to expand its brochure to include the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) highlights as it looks to launch an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Strike NFT Collectibles set later this year. The NFT will primarily comprise video highlights of prominent UFC events and documentaries that will launch on January 23.

NFL Boards The NFT Train

NFL featured All Day NFT is set to launch on the Flow Blockchain after the current NFL season. The All-Day NFT will use digital video highlights season long as source code for minting. It remains to be seen however if the NFL NFTs will be able to rival NBA NFT counterparts in popularity and relevance.

The costliest NTS NFT was purchased in the last 24 hours. The Top Shot  #16538716 sold for $10,000, a record high price tag for the NBA inclusive NFT as transactional sales volume over the last 24 hours rose to a local high of $1.47 million.

Unexpected Popularity Of NTS 

The NFT industry has always been biased towards its favorites, nobody expected an NFT collectible like that NTS NFT to gain as much traction as seeded NFTs like CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, and World of Women. The fortune reversal that NTS has experienced might be due to Durant’s interference as stats from CryptoSlam reveal NTS’s astonishing growth post-Durant addition to the project. Crypto mainstream media just recently reported the outperformance of NTS as it outsold famous NFT CryptoKitties.

In March 2021, Dapper Labs generated about $305 million, with Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant being significant investors.

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