HubbleBIT Review
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Today, I have come up with a broker named HubbleBIT, which is a peculiar place for online trading. Through this HubbleBIT review, you will come to know about the features of this broker which can prove useful for you and your career.

HubbleBit Review

HubbleBIT logoHubbleBit is a next-generation brokerage platform getting public attention for providing seamless services for Forex, Crypto, and CFDs trading. This intuitive brokerage platform provides helping tools that enable traders to learn, surveil, predict and execute trades at the right timing. In this HubbleBit review, I would go through all its prominent features.

This specific broker is famous for following a trader-centered approach with features that seem as if they have been offered by the trader himself because they are so user-friendly. It helps its clients with automated wealth management services as well. Its platform is equipped with many automated features such as stop loss and auto sell which help traders even when they are not present.

HubbleBIT website

Account Types Offered By HubbleBit

HubbleBit offers five types of accounts for its clients. These accounts are named Trial Account, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Signature.  A couple of these accounts are designed by keeping in view the requirements of beginner-level traders while the rest are for professional and expert traders. The minimum deposit limit for these accounts is 2,500 dollars while the costliest account is the Signature account with an initial deposit limit of 250,000.

Account Features Offered By HubbleBit

The basic features that are common in all accounts include 24/5 customer support services, 1 on 1 basic training, a basic education center, a trading dashboard, a trading size of 5o lots, and trading-related news. The advanced features include trading signals, unlimited size for trading lots, trading algorithms, cost-free withdrawals, private banking, leverage, and hedging strategies.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

The traders can deposit funds in their HubbleBit account through various methods. They can transfer through their Visa and MasterCard as well as through a standard wire transfer. In addition to these, online payment apps such as Skrill and American Express can also be used to charge up the accounts. These same methods can be used for withdrawing money as well.

Robust Customer Support Service

HubbleBIT customer support service

The traders are provided with four different methods to contact the broker if they face any difficulty. First of all, the traders who are based in Switzerland can physically visit their head office to find the required information. Secondly, a contact form is available on the website which can be filled out and sent to the support representatives.

Thirdly, the e-mail address has also been provided which can be useful in asking questions from the support team. Four different contact numbers are also listed on the platform which can be used to give them a call for timely assistance.

Stress on Education

A trader must have a complete trading plan in his mind if he wants to become a successful trader. HubbleBit, with its education material in the form of videos and webinars, helps traders to groom themselves.

It enables them to draw their trading plan and motivates them as well. The contents available on the platform are related to trading basics, fundamental and technical analysis, risk management, trading plans, and key terminologies related to cryptocurrencies. If used with the best intentions, this material can take the traders to new heights of success.

Platform Security

Without a secure platform, all the features of a broker lose their importance. The platform of HubbleBit has been made fool-proof internally. Through the use of security policies (KYC and AML), HubbleBit scrutinizes all the traders who register with this platform. Through this step, all the clients with criminal records are filtered out and granted no permission to become a part of the platform. In addition to this, the platform is equipped with SSL encryption and firewalls to protect against every hacking attempt.


All the features of this HubbleBit platform have separate importance. Combined, these features make this website an ideal platform for traders who want to earn and turn their dreams into reality. I strongly recommend you to join this platform and enjoy safe trading.

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