GrowthCap Assets Review
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Stay far away from GrowthCap Assets! In our GrowthCap Assets review we will tell you why we think this broker is definitely a scam. If you want to start trading online we recommend you try a more reputable trading platform – you can try Bitcoin Revolution with a trusted broker.

GrowthCap Assets Review

GrowthCap Assets logoIn this review, we will check the reliability of the GrowthCap Assets broker. The appeal of online trading is obvious, as the online trading markets provide a wealth of profit chances. Plus, anybody can get started because all they need to do is join up with a brokerage. However, this stage is loaded with risk, as scammers are on the watch for a chance to exploit you. You don’t want to become a victim, and the best way to avoid it is to approach it carefully. Read this GrowthCap Assets review to learn more about it.

You will quickly discover that one of the reasons people fall into the traps of these scammers is that they do not conduct thorough research. People are frequently overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of online brokers available, and they choose an alternative at random to get over this step. But keep in mind that platforms differ not only in terms of services and features but also in terms of their validity. Not every broker who advertises their services is genuine.

It may take some time and energy, but you may discover the facts about a brokerage. You may do the same thing with GrowthCap Assets which may not have obvious problems, but a closer check will reveal the red flags. You can find them listed below:

GrowthCap Assets website

Fake Licenses

Checking their licenses is one of the most common suggestions and strategies for choosing a genuine broker. The first thing you should do is check a broker’s license. However, just because a broker claims to be authorized doesn’t mean you should take their word for it.

You should check up and confirm that they are licensed by the relevant regulating authority. As GrowthCap Assets claims to be authorized by a set of financial regulators. On their site, you can see that they hold a Certificate of Incorporation in both England & Wales. Brokers in the UK must be licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority since this certificate is irrelevant.

This is the regional regulatory authority, and because GrowthCap Assets has a UK-based address, it requires a certification from the FCA. You won’t find the firm listed anywhere on the finance agency’s online registry. This indicates that the UK location is either bogus or that the broker is operating illegally in the country. This renders it an unreliable brokerage.

No Trading Platform Is Available

The truth that GrowthCap Assets is misrepresenting its laws and regulatory standing is already a huge red flag, but there are plenty more to be found if you keep looking. The lack of a trading platform is the next issue you will encounter. Given that you can’t trade without the need for a trading platform, it is a significant red flag. The only thing you’ll see is a dashboard with only two options: depositing money or recommending other users. This makes it obvious that their sole objective is to obtain your funds.

Offers Guaranteed Returns

If you look deeper, you’ll discover that GrowthCap Assets has a range of investment programs to pick from. These schemes promise you a profit on your money, which is something professional brokerage would never do. This is due to the fact that capital markets are highly unstable, and the most experienced and competent traders cannot ensure the outcome of a trade. Furthermore, the broker claims to provide you with such returns despite the fact that it doesn’t even have a trading platform. This effectively turns it into a Ponzi scam.

Only Bitcoins Are Accepted

When you investigate GrowthCap Assets further, you will discover that they don’t fulfill withdrawal requests. In such circumstances, you would definitely wish to file a refund to recover your funds. The issue is that BTC is the broker’s only accepted payment option. This is a huge red flag because cryptocurrency payments aren’t subject to chargebacks and are mostly anonymous. This means you won’t know where your funds went and will be helpless to prevent it.


These red flags indicate that GrowthCap Assets is a fraud and should be avoided at all costs.

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