Bellatrix update would take place on the Ethereum blockchain at 11:30 UTC with live update. This update is the last milestone which is important for the merge to occur. It sets the stage for the Paris upgrade that happens during the merge.

Information On The Bellatrix Update

Vitalik Buterin, Founder of Ethereum, in a tweet, stated the time of the merge to happen Sept 13-15. He explained that the Bellatrix hard fork was to prepare the chain for the merge. 

He issued an important notice to validators to keep in touch with their clients. Validators were to run the proof of stake consensus algorithm and get validated data from clients. Failure to do this makes it impossible for validators to successfully transition to the new network.

He warned that staking of Ether done on the beacon chain network would be or recoverable. This was because staking on that chain would be disabled after the merge. It was important to update clients about the needed changes to be done before the merge.

The Bellatrix update would start at a Beaconepoch 144896 on the chain at 11:34 am UTC. The merge update is set to go live on 13th September, as was earlier announced.

Vitalik issues significant rewards to developers and hackers who can find bugs that would hinder the functionality of the network during the merge.

No Significant Change In The ETH Market

However, as the merge draws nearer, the price of ETH does not seem affected as it continues to follow market trends.

The low trading volume was linked to the end of the trading week and low volume during the weekend. Reports show that FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) has been rampant during this merge as the future of ETH is uncertain.

Crypto experts predict that Ethereum will surge through news and updates concerning the merge. These reports would cause an imbalance in demand and supply after the merge. Investors would ape in if the market is promising or sell if a dip happens.

After the indecision in the market for a few weeks, the market would eventually stabilize. It is important to note that ETH upgrade may have more effect on the market. Investors are advised to monitor the movement of the market to mitigate losses.

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