Roger Ver, aka Bitcoin Jesus, has backed the DOGE to be the world’s preferred crypto for payment over BTC. The ardent BTC promoter, who surprisingly made a comeback to the microblogging space Twitter after one year, said in an interview that the Dogecoin would be the dominant virtual asset.

When asked about DOGE’s prospects, Ver told Bloomberg that he was a fan of the coin due to its rapid transaction times and incredibly cheap fees. Therefore, he considers it significantly better than BTC. He further said his contenders for the globe’s preferred cryptocurrency would be Dogecoin, LTC, and BCH. 

Ver also praised Dogecoin’s ardent supporter and honorary President Elon Musk, for his Twitter takeover, adding that he will make the microblogging space more attractive. 

Ver Becomes BCH Promoter

Ver was once a BTC evangelist for years. He also founded and was largely involved in the promotion of bitcoin. He seems to have found a new calling in BCH – the forked altcoin from BTC.

In March, a video was posted to his YouTube channel, which showed him and his companions encouraging retail merchants and drivers in Saint-Martin to use BCH for payments.

Ver issued a controversial statement, in which he labeled BCH as the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous founder of Bitcoin. Despite his staunch support for the forked crypto, Ver claims he isn’t a BCH maximalist but a whale with a wide range of baskets in virtual currency. 

Ver Calls Out Those Using Custodial Wallets

In his comeback, Ver shed light on crypto’s principles, calling those out using custodial wallets. In his tweet on Thursday, he said custodial wallets on centralized exchanges are against bitcoin’s revolutionary decentralization concept, and would make the flagship asset lose a key feature. 

He said the non-custodial wallets correspond with the decentralization concept, which is widely preached in the DeFi space. Unlike custodial wallets, their non-custodial counterparts enable users to control their assets. According to Ver, non-custodial wallets allow BTC to stand out from banks and fiat. 

Both BTC and DOGE have been afloat in the market over the last couple of days. Earlier this week, DOGE went up almost 54% on hearing the news of the Twitter takeover by Tesla billionaire Elon Musk. On the other hand, BTC has been exchanging between $38k and $39k for most of the week, representing an 8% decline from last week. 

Experts predict the flagship coin to mount a bullish run soon following the news of CAR adopting BTC as legal tender. However, that could be delayed until after the rate hike next week. 

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