If you are aware of cryptocurrencies then it is automatically presumed that you know about Binance. The reason I make this claim is because of the popularity and recognition Binance has gained as a cryptocurrency exchange in the world of crypto.

The exchange has been around for more than half a decade, which is less than half the tenure of the entire cryptocurrency industry.

The reputation of Binance Exchange

Even in such a short amount of time, Binance has become the largest cryptocurrency by trading volume. It may not offer you the highest number of trading markets or trading assets but it definitely has the highest trading volume.

This achievement has come to Binance because of its ability to adapt and innovate in the world of cryptocurrency. The exchange has arguably undergone a tremendous amount of advancement in recent years.

Just like the advancement and the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies, Binance has also gained worldwide recognition. You will be surprised to learn that people from Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and other parts of the developing world are also using Binance for crypto trading.

Binance’s Effort for the Expansion of the Crypto-Verse

The exchange has a user base of around 45 million and this number has been rising gradually. It is among the entities within the cryptocurrency industry that have tried really hard to bring mainstream adoption to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Binance has been working really hard and it is reaching out to all the parts of the world to bring mainstream attention to the cryptocurrency industry.

The exchange has gained so much attention by pitching cryptocurrencies and major cryptocurrencies to many mainstream investment companies and billionaires. Binance seems to have succeeded in many of the attempts it has made for the said purpose.

Binance Goes to Africa

In the years 2020 and 2021, Binance has reached out to all the regions and territories for spreading adoption awareness for cryptocurrencies.

It is especially targeting countries and regions where the economy is really weak and it needs a lot of back-ups. Such countries are open to any new and innovative ideas to make money, make a living, and improve the country’s lifestyle.

Now, the focus for Binance is the African region. In Africa, countries like Nigeria have proven that they are enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies. The people there are eager to change their lifestyle and have a luxurious lifestyle. For this purpose, they are open to ideas surrounding cryptocurrencies.

Binance to Power the BCAT Campaign

Just recently, Binance officials have announced that they will be conducting a tour for the awareness of blockchains and cryptocurrencies. The particular campaign has been dubbed “BCAT”, and it will be hosted by Binance officials.

During the campaign, Binance officials will be holding seminars and conferences in different parts of Africa. Their goal will be to create enough awareness so that people feel comfortable investing in cryptocurrencies.

The officials have announced that for now, they will be holding the seminars in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Cameroon. The first event is set to take place in Nigeria on June 4.

It is being expected that for as long as the event goes on, the overall or at least the major cryptocurrencies may continue benefiting from that.

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